Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Evil Plan is Working

I know that sometimes other people think my training is psycho, and even *I* sometimes think it's psycho. But much of the time, there is very much knowledge and planning behind what I'm doing.

Today, I was scheduled for a 1:30 run and :45 walk/hike. This is part of training for the 50k I'm doing in October (see sidebar). Yesterday I did a 1 hour run and 1 hour walk/hike, so the point of today was to get at least 2 hours on my feet. This trains me to be "on my feet" for long periods of time, which when you train for trail races, is a good way to train without beating the crap out of yourself.

However, I have been beating the crap out of myself--my legs anyway. I raced Sunday on gnarly legs, and my quads have been beat to hell for at least 3 weeks. But nothing I can't tolerate or haven't experienced before.

Today was really cool because I didn't even start running until noon. And I didn't eat lunch first. And the weather was about like it's going to be in Vegas in October when I do the 50k. And I would have been about 5 hours into it. And I ran on crushed limestone in my trail shoes, and there were rocks and gravel and grass, and I used the hydration thing that I plan to use in the 50k. So it was basically a PERFECTLY STAGED TRAINING RUN! In fact, I kept thinking that my quads will be pretty toasted about 5 hours into the 50k (depending on the terrain--there is NO COURSE MAP to be posted! It's to be a fucking SURPRISE!), and I will likely feel hungry.

So when I finished running, I jotted down a few notes about what I want in my drop bag (Albuterol inhaler, change of socks and shoes, CANDY!, etc.) and so even though I'm only 6 weeks out from the 50k, it's already time to begin thinking about it. So among the things I need to do is to ensure I'm mentally prepared, as well as physically and also prepared for contingencies.

My legs hurt when I started to run, but that's OK, it was a FUCKING GLORIOUS DAY! I was so happy to be out in the prairie flowers and woods and I even ran some hills, and I know I was smiling the entire time! Before I ran, I walked about a mile to my bike shop, and after I finished running, I walked about 2 miles, then later I went back to the bike shop and walked there, so I got in at least 4 miles of walking today. TIME ON FUCKING FEET!

And I still feel OK, but I think I need a buttload of carbs--I'll get to them!

Tomorrow, all I have to do is a 1:15 bike and :30 run, and I do need to do :30-:45 of strength. And then Saturday is only a 5k swim workout, and then


It's only a 2-mile/12-mile/2-mile, but what the hell, I will have a blast no matter how my legs feel! And then it's only a couple of days before I get to go be BEST SPECTATOR EVER at IMCHAT in support of my 2nd BFF, Lori, and some other really awesome people I know. 

I do not have a time goal at the 50k, although 13-min. miles would be nice. The point of it is to get in a nice, really long run, in preparation for Dopey Challenge. So I'm sticking to my plan, and so far, so good! I'm not conventional, but I get the job done!

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